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 Secure Method of Online Collection.

Payfull allows you to make online collections through virtual POS that you obtain from banks and payment institutions.

Our products

01  Dealer Collection System

Provide your dealers with the opportunity to receive payments by credit card with Payfull. Let your dealers collect their current payments to you from the credit cards of their customers or sub-dealers.

Dealer Collection Portal

Dealer Grouping

Collection from Sub-Dealers

02  B2C Collection System

03 Bank Transactions Integration

04  Custom Solutions and API

Our solutions

With Payfull, you can easily integrate into the payment infrastructures of all financial institutions.

01  Online Collection System

02  Virtual POS Integration

03  Fraud Control

04  Credit Card Storage

05  One Click Payment

06  Payment by SMS and E-Mail

07  Digital Wallet

08  Recurring Payments

09  Online Hotel Collection System

10  Mail Order Alternative

11 Virtual POS Management

12  BKM Express Integration

13 Secure Payment Page

14 BIN Inquiry

15 Tokenization

16 Mobile Collection

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